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Board and commission appointees to be considered by Osage Congress

Several individuals will be subject to consideration of confirmation to Osage Nation boards and commissions during the 2018 Tzi-Zho Session starting Sept. 4.

Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear appointed or reappointed several individuals to serve on the respective boards and those individuals took oaths of office at the ON Tribal Courthouse to serve as interim board members pending the session.

Those board members appointed by Standing Bear include:

- Anita Fields is a reappointment to serve as a first alternate member on the Election Board. 

- Frank Freeman is a first-time appointee to the Tallgrass Economic Development LLC Board.

- Kay Bills is a reappointment to serve on the Osage Limited Liability Company Board.

- Chuck Hessert is a reappointee for Osage Nation Environmental Solutions (ONES) LLC Board.

- Hank Hainzinger is a first-time appointee to the Bluestem Ranch LLC Board. Former Osage Minerals Councilman Galen Crum will also be considered for an initial term on the ranch board.

- Michael Kidder is a reappointment to serve on the Gaming Commission. Gary Weyl is a first-time appointment to serve on the gaming commission.

- Cecelia Tallchief is a reappointment to the Health Authority Board.

- Carol Kliesen is a reappointment to the Grayhorse Village Committee (five-man board).

- Alexander Tallchief Skibine and Julie O’Keefe are both reappointments to serve on the Nation’s Foundation Board.

During the Congressional session, the individuals will be subject to initial consideration by the respective Congressional committees, which will vote on further action including referring the appointed individual to the entire Congress. According to the Congressional rules: “Once reported (that the appointee is qualified by education or experience), any member of Congress may move during the ‘Motions’ portion of a Session for a nominee interview to be placed on an agenda, or alternatively may move for confirmation consideration of the nominee to be placed on an agenda. The motion is subject to amendment and requires an affirmative majority vote of the members present to pass. Should either of the motions fail, the motion may be reasserted any day until the day before the last regular day of Session.”

Each individual will also be asked to provide a copy of his or her resume to the Congress and to fill out a Congressional questionnaire. If the information is not received, the individual will not be considered for the board or commission service, according to the Congressional rules. 

Also, according to the rules: “As provided in the Constitution, the Congress may decline to consider a nominee or a re-nomination by failing to move the nomination forward for consideration by the day before the last day of the regular session prior to which the nomination was made. If this occurs, the nomination is deemed rejected and the provisions of the constitution and laws regarding failure of the Congress to confirm an appointee apply.”

For more information on the Congressional session and filed legislative items, visit the Legislative Branch website at: