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Minerals Council lease sale set for Sept. 26; Oil & Gas Summit Dec. 12-13

The Osage Minerals Council is going high tech for its 2018 oil and gas summit.

At the council’s Sept. 19 meeting, Councilwoman Margo Gray said the event’s planning committee is in talks to have an event-specific mobile application available for participants.

“We will be selecting a company that can do everything on an app, handle our registration and do everything online so you all can see our agenda and everything,” she said. “We’re once again utilizing modern technology.”

The event is scheduled for Dec. 12-13 at the Osage Casino Tulsa, with a vendor expo on both days and a lease sale on Dec. 12. Its agenda is still in flux with tentative plans calling for breakout sessions on technology developments, orphan well data, and federal regulations over Osage County drilling operations.

A block of hotel rooms will be available at a group rate.

Meanwhile, despite concerns that not enough producers received advance notice, the council’s next lease sale is still on for Sept. 26 at 10 a.m. in the Minerals Council chambers.

Thirty-two combination oil and gas tracts, seven oil tracts and one gas-only tract are slated to go up for auction. Each tract carries a 24-month lease and there is not a limit on the number of acres a lessee can acquire at the auction. 

Legal notices have been published in two newspapers and information is up on the Pawhuska Agency’s website, but no mailers have been sent out to date, prompting questions of whether the event has been sufficiently advertised.  

“I have had producers contacting me personally asking if there is going to be a lease sale,” Councilman Paul Revard said. “The producers that came up to me had not heard a word about us having a lease sale.

“I wouldn’t have even known about the lease sale if I wasn’t on the council.”