Winners for the 4th Annual STEAM Christmas Candy House Competition

Child Division (up to 12 years old)

  • Best Use of Artistic Element – Kristo Revard (Minion Christmas)
  • Best Engineering Structure – Izzy Holding (Pretzel log cabin with outside firepit)
  • Most Creative Architectural Design – 1st Place, Luiza Holding (Train carrying Christmas trees through cotton candy snow) and 2nd Place, Paisley Weeden (Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Greatest Innovative Design – Mya Hull
  • Most Detailed Construction – Sophie McFarland
  • Most Christmas Spirit – 1st Place, Michaela Pratt (Gingerbread House Divided) and 2nd Place, Kynlie Jones

Teen Division (13 to 18)

  • Most Creative Architectural Design – August Holding (Taco Stand)
  • Greatest Innovative Design – Raen Holding (Lady Buck Softball Field)

Adult Division (19 +)

  • Most Detailed Construction – Kim Sanchez (Classy Christmas)

Family Division

  • Best Use of Artistic Element – The Crawford Family (Historical Wooster Mound Cottage)
  • Most Creative Architectural Design – The Standing Bear Family (Village of three house in the snow, along with footprints in the snow and fire logs.
  • Most Detailed Construction – The Red Corn Family (Gingerbread replica of 1100 Prudom St.)
  • Most Christmas Spirit – The Wildcat Family (Winter Wonderland)

Classroom Division

  • Best Use of Artistic Element – Immersion Pre-Kindergarten Class (Wahreshe, Mikah, Sky, Otaza, Pierce, Izhinke, Briar, Cora)
  • Best Engineering Structure – Immersion Infant Class (Morris, Carter, Arthur, Tazheka, Scarlett, Ross)
  • Most Creative Architectural Design – Hominy and Skiatook High School Language Class (Kayden Beavor, Dylan Hogan, Macy Bush, Cash Calfy, Memphis Case, Brayden Davis, Emileigh Deal, Jaxson Doan, Courtney Domres, Kye Isaac, Jewell McDonald, Joshua Taylor, Mackenzie Thomas)
  • Greatest Innovative Design – Immersion 2nd Grade Class (Pehan, Camdan, Blaire, Sam, Titan, Teegan, Luna, Stellah, Joseph, Kynlie)
  • Most Detailed Construction – Immersion Toddler Class (Maliyah, Isaac, Kihekah, S.J., Sam, Evalyn, Bravery, Tawali, Ellie)
  • Most Christmas Spirit – 1st Place, Immersion Kindergarten Class (Charles, Henry, Liam, Chloe, Signy, Tiger, Gentry, Cruz, Samuel) and 2nd Place, Immersion 1st Grade Class (Jenny, Dominic, Carsyn, Kit, Emmett, Shane, Edward, Jacob)

People’s Choice Award – Hominy and Skiatook High School Language Class – An Osage longhouse was constructed by Skiatook High School Osage 2 Language students based on Osage Nation Historic Preservation lesson plans on Osage Culture. The Longhouse was made by assembling a frame with two end poles and a cross pole on top. Bent side and end poles were tied together.  The longhouse was covered with graham cracker and fondant mats. Fireplaces inside the longhouse were built with candy drops and pretzel sticks. Benches and blankets were made from cinnamon sticks and fondant. Snowmen were made of marshmallows. Gingerbread people and a gingerbread bison herd were decorated by students.

An Osage sweat lodge was constructed by Hominy High School Osage Language 2 students based on their personal experience with setting up a sweat lodge. Branches were bent and tied together, and the sweat lodge was covered with fondant pelts. Blankets were made with fondant.  The fire was made of candy drops and pretzel sticks. The stones are chocolate candies.  All was covered with sugar and icing snow.

The People’s Choice Award consisted of secret voting ballots. Anyone at the Holiday Market could stop by and vote for their favorite candy house or candy structure in the competition. After the competition, all of the votes were counted and there was a tie between three structures. A secret judge voted to break the tie.