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Osage Nation Museum looking for Guest Service Representatives

The Osage Nation Museum is looking for two Osage individuals who know a traditional skill, such as finger weaving, ribbonwork, beadwork, moccasin making, drum making, feather work and so on.

Thousands of people from all over the country visit the Osage Nation Museum throughout the year. The representatives provide demonstrations of Osage cultural works throughout the week and on Saturdays.

The museum is looking for a full-time guest representative that works Monday through Friday, and a part-time guest representative who will only work on Saturdays.

“To me, this is an exciting position to have because the guest services representative really serves as an ambassador for the Nation,” said Marla Redcorn-Miller, the new Museum director. “Ideally, guest services representatives have deep knowledge about Osage history, culture and arts. Guests, as I am sure you know, really enjoy exchanging with knowledgeable people who enjoy sharing a personal perspective about the history of the tribe.”

According to the job descriptions of the two positions, the primary goals of the positions are to ensure that visitors introduction into Osage history and culture is positive and engaging. The Guest Services Representatives provide excellent patron service while ensuring the safety of visitors and the protection of exhibited art and material culture.

“Visitors could learn so much just by watching someone do ribbon work or finger weaving,” Redcorn-Miller said. “It would enliven the museum in a great way. I know that there is a history of these kinds of activities at the Museum, and it would be great to see that return.”

To see the job descriptions and apply for the two positions, visit the Nation’s Job Opportunities section on its website at