Top 15 Places to experience when visiting the Osage Nation

Photo caption: Visit Hominy and see the 40 beautiful murals painted on its downtown buildings by artist Cha’ Tullis. CODY HAMMER/Osage News

The Osage News staff compiled this list of the Top 15 Places to visit when visiting the Osage Nation for those visiting during the month of June. 

  1. Osage Nation Visitors Center: Begin your trip with a visit to the Visitor’s Center located at 602 E. Main Street in Pawhuska and pick up maps and guides for your stay. The Visitor’s Center sells items from Osage artisans, free coffee and soda and an iPad bar to get any last-minute business done.
  2. Osage Nation Museum: Located at 819 Grandview Ave. on the Osage Nation campus in Pawhuska, see the oldest tribally-owned museum in the United States! This history of the Osage is featured in clothing and interactive exhibits. The museum’s current exhibit “Patriot Nations” is on display through June 12.
  3. Osage Veterans Memorial: Visit the Nation’s beautiful tribute to its veterans of the U.S. armed services. Located on the Osage Nation campus next to the ON museum, the statue of Chief Claremore is also a striking reminder of our Nation’s warriors.
  4. Osage Nation Chiefs Office: Meet the Osage Nation’s leaders Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear and Assistant Principal Chief Raymond Red Corn at their offices located at 627 Grandview Ave in Pawhuska. The building is historic and worth a tour.
  5. Osage Nation Welcome Center: See one of the Nation’s newest buildings located at 239 W. 12th Street. The Welcome Center is the home to the Tax Commission, Financial Services office, Membership office, Housing Department, Child Care department, the Human Resources department and the Constituent Services office.
  6. Osage Nation Capitol Building: View the historic building that is the Capitol Building and meet with members of the Osage Nation Congress. The building is located at 100 W. Main Street in Pawhuska and is also home to the Office of Historic Preservation, the Energy and Natural Resources department and the Pawnee/Osage Court Appointed Special Advocates.
  7. Wahzhazhe Cultural Center: Visit the cultural center staff and tour the Annette Gore Library that houses the research of Osage families and books about Osage culture and politics. Located at 220 W. Main in Pawhuska, there is also a children’s library for families to peruse during operating hours.
  8. Osage Indian Villages of Pawhuska, Hominy and Grayhorse: Visit the sites of the June Inlonshka dances and community buildings, if open. If you are visiting during the Inlonshka, remember no photos are allowed of the dance and please be respectful to the district committee cooks.
  9. Osage Nation Ranch: Visit the Nation’s sprawling 43,000-acre ranch that houses Osage Nation cattle operations and roaming bison. Please do not approach the bison, they are dangerous animals.
  10. Bird Creek Farms: Located at 25235 State HWY 99 in Pawhuska, visit the Nation’s Bird Creek Farms and get a tour of all that is growing in its fields. The monarch butterfly habitat is a must see.
  11. Immaculate Conception Catholic Church: Visit Pawhuska’s Catholic church, located at 1314 Lynn Ave., that has famous stained-glass windows depicting Osages. Individual Osages commissioned the windows and a tour is given for free.
  12. Whitehair Memorial: Make an appointment to visit the Whitehair Memorial, located at County Road 5715, in between Hominy and Ralston, and unearth records and genealogy research of your Osage family.
  13. Tall Chief Theater: Make an appointment and tour the historic Tall Chief Theater, owned by the father of famous ballerina Maria and Marjorie Tall Chief. The theater is located in downtown Fairfax.
  14. Hominy Murals: Visit Hominy and see the 40 beautiful murals painted on its downtown buildings by artist Cha’ Tullis. Also, take time to view the silhouettes of hilltop riding Osages atop Standpipe Hill about 10 miles west of Hominy.
  15. Osage Casinos: End your day with a visit to one of seven Osage Casinos and book your stay at one of its three hotels for a discounted rate using your Osage Nation membership card. Each hotel and casino features delicious restaurants and the Tulsa Osage Casino has its own brewery. Catch a show at the Tulsa Casino’s Skyline Event Center. Learn more about what the Osage Casinos have to offer by visiting its website at