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Osages gather for Hominy Inlonshka

Photo caption: Town Crier Ceasar Williams leads a procession with the Hominy District drum and Drumkeeper Gideon Goodeagle Jr. heading to the arbor for the June 16, 2018, Inlonshka dances. BENNY POLACCA/ Osage News

Osages from the districts of Grayhorse, Hominy and Pawhuska will gather for the next four days at the Hominy Inlonshka dances.

The Osage News staff will post photos and videos to its social media and Flickr pages each day of the four-day dance.

Photos of the dance itself are not allowed, so please honor the rule of no photography, cell phones or video cameras under the dance arbor or after the dance starts. Please be respectful to the District Committee cooks. 

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