Osage News gets a new look

Photo caption: The new masthead for the Osage News was designed by Sherry Stinson of the Bartlesville-based graphic design business Tyler Creative. Courtesy Photo

The Osage News has a new look.

Editor Shannon Shaw Duty asked the News’ page designer Sherry Stinson, of Bartlesville-based Tyler Creative, to redesign the newspaper masthead for the purpose of showcasing the Osage culture.

“After seeing many of Indian Country’s various tribal publications through the years, a lot of the publications incorporate their unique cultures into their designs,” Shaw Duty said. “I thought we should too.”

She asked Stinson to incorporate the Osage orthography, the Osage News straight dancer, and the Osage culture.

Stinson set to work and found an Osage News column written by the late Charles Red Corn that inspired her. It touched on the Osage creation story and the divisions of the Osage people into Water, Earth and Sky, she said.

“One of Charles Red Corn’s columns from 2016 was my inspiration,” Stinson shared. “He wrote so eloquently of the Clans and ‘a beginning for Osage People and a great story of wandering the earth.’ He spoke of prayers that took place thrice daily to Wa ko’n ta. With that, I saw an image in my mind of an arc of triangles representing the three clan divisions as they traveled the Earth. Triangles are symbols of strength and stability and the Osage are a strong and resilient people, so that was my starting point.

“I wanted to illustrate the symbolism of a great and continuing journey, so the triangles burst from the ‘O’, they continue their arc to the straight dancer, filling the newspaper he holds. I’ve always been proud to be part of the Osage News and am humbled to have the honor of creating the new masthead.”

Stinson said the light blue triangle represents the Sky people, the green triangle represents the Earth people and the blue triangle represents the Water people. The yellow triangles represent the sun, which the Osage people prayed to for centuries.

Upon seeing the redesign, Shaw Duty said she loved it and the Editorial Board approved it at their May 31 retreat.

“We have been wanting to redesign the Osage News masthead for some time,” Shaw Duty said. “Stinson has worked with the Osage News since 2009 and she’s a vital part of our team.”