Osage Congress confirms individuals for boards and commission service

During the 2019 Hun-Kah Session, the Sixth Osage Nation Congress voted to confirm several appointed individuals to serve on various boards and commissions.

Those appointees received initial consideration by the respective Congressional committees who reviewed the individuals’ professional resumes and completed application forms required by the Congress for consideration, per Congressional rules.

By session’s end on April 23, the Congress voted to confirm the following individuals for board and commission service with three-year terms.

Election Board: Fred Byers (Osage) will serve an initial term as the second alternate board member. The Nation’s election code calls for a three-member board with two alternate members who serve in the event a sitting board member must recuse his/herself due to a conflict in carrying out election duties.

Byers is filling in the second alternate board member vacancy after predecessor Gary Weyl was appointed and confirmed to serve on the ON Gaming Commission Board in fall 2018. The other Election Board alternate is Anita Fields and current sitting Election Board members are Shannon Lockett, Terry Hazen and Belle Wilson.

Editorial Board: Teresa Trumbly Lamsam and Tara McLain Manthey (both Osage) are both appointed and confirmed to serve on the three-person Editorial Board for the Osage News. Lamsam is a reappointment to the board with Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear making the appointment. For the Legislative Branch’s editorial board appointment, the Congress voted by affirmation that Manthey is the appointee for that respective branch and was later confirmed by Congressional vote. Third board member and chairwoman Jerri Jean Branstetter is in the second year of her three-year term.

Foundation Board: Julie O’Keefe (Osage) is a reappointment to the five-member Foundation Board.

Gaming Enterprise Board: Susan Kneeland and Mark Revard (both Osage) are reappointments to the five-member business board for the Nation’s seven Osage Casinos.

Gaming Commission: Larraine Wilcox (Osage) is a reappointment to serve a second three-year term on the Nation’s three-member Gaming Commission Board. Wilcox was first appointed to the board in 2015 after a previous board member resigned to complete the remainder of that term. Wilcox received 10 “yes” votes with one abstention by Congresswoman Shannon Edwards and one absence from Congressman John Maker on April 10 for her confirmation.

Health Authority Board: Dr. Patrick Tinker (Osage), the board’s current chairman, is a reappointment to the five-member board for the Nation’s health care entities including the Wah-Zha-Zhi Health Center in Pawhuska.

Veterans Memorial Commission: Frances Williams (Osage) is a reappointment to the five-member board overseeing the maintenance and fundraising activities for the Osage Veterans Memorial, which opened to the public in November 2018.

The late Richard Luttrell Sr. also received a confirmation vote for a second term on the VMC, but his position is vacant after his May 10 passing.