Congressional bills and resolutions filed for 2019 Tzi-Zho Session

The Sixth Osage Nation Congress will consider various legislative bills and resolutions during the 2019 Tzi-Zho Session starting Sept. 3 in Pawhuska.

The session starts at 10 a.m. in the ON Capitol Building along Main Street where the 12-member Congress will convene for up to 24 days. Aside from considering and taking action on the Nation’s 2020 fiscal year government operations budgets, the Congress will also consider other filed legislative bills and resolutions.

Those filed bills and resolutions include:

ONCA 19-64 (sponsored by Congresswoman Shannon Edwards) is an act to establish an “Inter-Tribal Elder Housing Fund” to assist Osage elders “with housing needs outside of the historical boundaries of the Osage Nation.” According to the bill, the proposed revolving fund is to be established with funding to be appropriated by Congress. The bill also states: “The funds deposited in the (fund) shall be available to assist Osage elders with housing needs by partnering with tribal nations and their housing authorities in Arizona, California, Kansas, New Mexico, off-reservation area Oklahoma, Texas and Washington to pay negotiated housing rates for Osage elders in those states.”

ONCA 19-78 (Congresswoman Paula Stabler) is a bill seeking to amend the Nation’s Independent Press Act to establish two alternate Editorial Board members and to establish a shield provision for staff. According to the bill, the three-member Editorial Board would also include two alternate board members to serve in the event a sitting board member must recuse his/herself due to conflicts of interest in discussing individuals (at issue in news coverage matters) who are family members, spouses or business partners of the board member. The two alternate board members would each be selected by the Principal Chief and Congress and be subject to Congressional confirmation, according to the bill.

ONCA 19-79 (Stabler) is an act to amend the Nation’s criminal procedure code to update the jury selection process for the Judicial Branch’s Tribal Court.

ONCR 19- 18 (Congresswoman Maria Whitehorn) is a resolution to authorize the ON Principal Chief to execute real property leases and right-of-way easements on restricted Indian lands and trust lands on behalf of the Nation through Oct. 1, 2020.

ONCR 19-19 (Congressman Eli Potts) is a resolution to reject Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt’s claim that the gaming compact between the Nation and the state must be renegotiated.

ONCR 19-20 (Congresswoman Angela Pratt) is a resolution to authorize a limited waiver of sovereign immunity from suit and a consent to jurisdiction to Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma for pharmaceutical distribution services and pharmacy administrative organization services.

As the Tzi-Zho Session continues through September and into October, more bills and resolutions are expected to be filed for consideration.

Visit the Legislative Branch website to view PDF copies of filed legislation at:

Congressional meeting notices and agendas for sessions and committee meetings are posted online to the Legislative Branch calendar at:

The session and committee meetings held in the ON Capitol Building are public meetings (excluding executive sessions allowed by Osage law) and will be live-streamed at: