Election Board confirms dates for candidate campaign requirements

The Osage Nation Election Board confirmed the dates for candidate campaign requirements and discussed other issues at their regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 11.

Incumbent Joe Tillman, who is the current Congressional Speaker for the Sixth Osage Nation Congress, was present at the meeting and had questions about building usage for campaign events. He said he was interested in using the Title VI building in Fairfax but wanted to make sure the usage of the building did not violate the election code since the building is owned by the Nation. 

Attorney General Clint Patterson said that since the building is sometimes used for communal use and the person or entity using the building has to fill out a rental agreement and pay a fee, he didn’t think it violated the code. The election board agreed.

Tillman pointed out that he is currently the only candidate running from the Grayhorse District and could theoretically be the only candidate interested in using the building. However, in past elections Fairfax and Grayhorse community residents have held Meet and Greets, campaign dinners and other events to promote candidates, regardless of their district. Historically, the Grayhorse District has had the third-highest voting percentage out of the three districts on the Osage reservation.

Tillman brought up another issue of a possible candidate who wished to remain anonymous, that was still deciding whether they wanted to file their candidacy for the 2020 General Election. He said that the person works as a contractor, who works for another contractor who works for the Osage Casinos. Patterson said the board could consider that person and their work arrangement once they filed their candidacy. 

To date, seven individuals have filed their candidacy. They are Tillman, Jodie Revard, Michael Bristow, Colt Herren, John Maker, Melissa Dailey and Jim Trumbly.

The following dates were approved by the board at their Feb. 11 meeting:

-       March 2, Candidate Filing Ends

-       March 9, Regular Board Meeting; Candidate Certification

-       March 12, Contest of Candidacy Ends

-       March 17, Contest of Candidacy Hearing Period Ends

-       March 20, Candidate Workshop; Ballot Order/Campsite Drawings; Ballot Approval – to be held in the Osage Nation Law Building in Room 121

-       April 14, Regular Board Meeting

-       April 17, Absentee Request Deadline; Election Notice Mail Out

-       April 27, Absentee Mailing Begins

-       May 11, Campaign Reporting Statement Filing Begins

-       May 15, Campaign Reporting Statements Filing Deadline; Poll watcher Forms due

-       May 18, Regular Board Meeting

-       May 28, Absentee Early Processing

-       May 29, Early Voting Day 1, 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

-       May 30, Early Voting Day 2, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

-       June 1, Election Day, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

-       June 5, Recount/Challenge Deadline

-       June 9, Regular Board Meeting; Election Results Certification

-       June 16, Campaign Reporting Statements filing deadline