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Election Office draws for candidate name placement on 2020 ballot

Photo caption: The Osage Nation Election Office held a drawing on March 20 for the order in which the candidates will appear on the ballot. Osage Nation Election Office

The Osage Nation Election Office held a March 20 drawing to determine the order of Congressional candidate name placements on the June 1 general election ballot.

With the Coronavirus COVID-19 spread prompting ON offices to close to the public, the election staff conducted the drawing at their Pawhuska office, which was recorded and is available for YouTube viewing on the “Osage Elections” channel. The drawing is typically held with an in-person candidate workshop, which was also canceled and recorded with the video links emailed to all 15 candidates.

Fifteen candidates are seeking six open Congressional seats. Those elected positions each carry four-year terms.

Election Supervisor Alexis Rencountre inserted folded pieces of paper containing the candidate names into a rotating clear plastic hopper and each name was drawn from the hopper door following several rotations to mix up the names. Election Board member Belle Wilson attended and witnessed the drawing in-person on the nearly seven-minute video.

The results of the drawing order are:

  1. Jodie Revard
  2. Billy Keene
  3. Melissa Dailey
  4. Mary Jo Pratt
  5. Michael Bristow
  6. John Maker
  7. Amanda Proctor
  8. Pam Shaw
  9. Joe Tillman
  10. RJ Walker
  11. Michael Kidder
  12. Jim Trumbly
  13. Maria Whitehorn
  14. Colt Herren
  15. Shannon Edwards

Rencountre said the candidates’ names will not contain numbers next to them on the ballot. The video concluded and the Election Office later posted the written ballot order results with signatures from Rencountre and Wilson.