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Candidates extend their campaigns online

With the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and safety measures for the country top of mind, the Osage Nation General Election is moving forward.

“Social distancing,” mandatory business closures and directives to stay home have upended and changed lives. This new normal is also changing how Osage candidates campaign.

In past elections, it was almost customary that candidates kick off their campaigns with a dinner or gathering of some kind. This year, only a few candidates scheduled their dinners before the community became alarmed by the virus. One by one, cancellation notices for dinners, meet-and-greets, and other events were posted on candidates’ campaign sites. Out of state meetings were canceled, taking away an opportunity for new candidates to introduce themselves to out-of-state voters.

Candidates are turning to social media to campaign. They are posting videos, going Live on Facebook, and having discussions with potential voters on Osage community pages.

As for the upcoming election on June 1, the Osage Nation Election Office will be doing its best to accommodate those voters who prefer to practice social distancing.

“If you are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and in-person voting, we highly encourage voters to request an absentee ballot,” said Alexis Rencountre, Osage Nation Elections Supervisor. “The deadline to request an absentee ballot is April 17th by the close of business. If the current health situation changes closer to the election, you can still surrender your absentee ballot vote at the polling site and vote in person.” 

To download an Absentee Ballot Request Form, visit

Social Media  

With Osage tribal members staying home for the time being, the use of technology among potential voters will be more important now than ever.

The good news, every candidate utilizes social media, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Below is a list of candidate pages that can be found on social media.


Michael Bristow: Personal page and Michael Bristow Campaign
Melissa Dailey: Personal page and Melissa Goodfox Dailey for Osage Nation
Shannon L. Edwards: Personal page and public official page under Shannon Edwards
Colt Herren: Personal page and Colt Herren for Osage Nation Congress
Billy Keene: Personal page and Billy Keene for Osage Nation Congress
Michael Kidder: Personal page
John Maker: Personal page and John Maker for Osage Nation Congress
Mary Jo Pratt: Personal page
Amanda Proctor: Personal page
Jodie Revard: Personal page
Pam Shaw: Personal page
Joe Tillman: Personal page under Joseph Dee Tillman
Jim Trumbly: Personal page and Jim Trumbly for Osage Congress
RJ Walker: Personal page
Maria Whitehorn: Personal page and public official page under Maria Whitehorn


Billy Keene: billykeene
Michael Kidder: kidder526
Mary Jo Pratt: maryjoforosagecongress
Jodie Revard: jodiepode
Joe Tillman: joetillman219
Jim Trumbly: trumblyjim
RJ Walker: rjwalkerjr 


Billy Keene
Mary Jo Pratt
Pam Shaw