Osage News Candidates Debates to be held online via Zoom video conferencing

The Osage News Editorial Board will host their Candidate Debates online this year, using the video conferencing service Zoom.

The debates will be recorded and posted on the Osage News’ social media accounts on Sunday, April 26.  

The editorial board made the unanimous decision to cancel its in-person debates after the onset of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. The virus caused community concern and the board announced their decision on March 12.

“Our community is only as safe and healthy as our most vulnerable members. We're sad to have to cancel the Congressional debates but we know it is in the best interest of protecting our community. We especially need to watch out for our elders, family members with conditions, and our broader Osage community members who have barriers to accessing quality health services,” said Editorial Board Vice Chair Tara Manthey.

“We know the debates are an important and trusted part of our election season and it is a priority of the Osage News to gather and present objective and thorough information about the candidates and their campaigns,” Manthey said.

To submit questions for the Osage News Candidate Debates, email them to or message them via Facebook messenger before April 22. The editorial board will meet for their regularly scheduled meeting on April 22 and will approve questions for the debates.

Watch for more information and updates on the Candidate Debates on the Osage News’ social media pages. You can follow the Osage News on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.