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Michael Bristow announces his candidacy for Osage Nation Congress

HaWe, I am Michael Bristow and I would appreciate your vote for Osage Congress.

My mother is Olivia "Biggie" Mashunkashey Bristow, born and raised in Hominy. My maternal great-grandfather, Ben Mashunkashey, was the first Drumkeeper for the WahHaKon-lin district. My father, Bob Bristow, was a member of the Native American Church. I am proud to have been raised with Osage traditions. I took my place at our E-Lon-Schka dances at the age of 8 and I have held a position on the Pawhuska War Dance committee since the age of 14.

As your Congressman, I will be devoted to the following:

Eldercare:  As a member of Congress, I will instill a strong support for Eldercare during budgeting prioritization. I would like to see the Nation focus resources into establishing a skilled nursing facility and develop a comprehensive Eldercare program.  By providing this type of service to our elders, we can allow them to age-in-place in Osage County surrounded by family, friends, and care givers who understand what it means to be Osage.  A facility such as this would provide a win/win situation in establishing an avenue for Osage Scholarship recipients studying in the health care field, an opportunity to come back to the Nation and provide our elders with the benefit of their education.

Integrity:  As a licensed Speech Pathologist working with geriatric patients, honesty and strong moral principals are essential. In my practice, I am reminded daily that when the health care needs of our people are addressed, we create a thriving community. I was raised to make sure our elders are treated with love, dignity, and the highest respect; that our Osage youth are given every opportunity to pursue a higher education to ensure that our Osage people thrive in today’s economy and into the future.  As a son, brother, and Godfather, it is my responsibility to my immediate family, relatives, and my people to do everything I can to make this happen.

Accountability: Our Nation can only move forward if the ON Legislative and Executive branches make the choice to work together, resulting in decisions made for the betterment of Osage Nation Citizens.  As we say “WahShkan” – Do Your Best. I will be accountable to the Nation I represent in the decisions I make striving for an outcome that is best for all of us.

I will strongly support funding for the burial assistance, the health benefit card, and the higher education scholarship programs. As a past scholarship recipient, I understand the importance the scholarship funding provides to Osage students seeking higher education. I have been given the opportunity to give back to the Osage community the benefit of my Bachelors and Masters education by on the Osage Nation Health Authority Board in 2018. I desire to continue giving back to the Osage Nation and would be proud to serve as your Congressman.  

I am Michael Bristow, I am Osage and I seek your vote to serve as a member of the next Osage Nation Congress.