RJ Walker announces his candidacy for Osage Nation Congress

Fellow Osage,

I announce my candidacy for the 7th Osage Nation Congress and want you to know I am committed to serving you and your family for another term.

My experience includes several leadership positions as a member of Congress, including Speaker and chair or vice chair of most congressional committees during my two terms. I have served on many local and state boards, committees, and councils, bringing an Osage perspective to each position.

At my core, I believe Osages in the Executive and Legislative branches should put aside personal and political differences and work together for the common good of all Osages. For the past eight years I have practiced that belief. Serving in both the Executive branch (10 years) and the Legislature deepens my understanding of complex issues we face as a government. I fully understand my role as a team member of Congress and respect the separation of powers between the branches of government. We have differences, sure, but we should not waste time over small differences that hinder our progress.

I strive for balance between competing interests. I have openly supported our core benefits, and will always fight for the rights of our employees. The coronavirus pandemic presents us with difficult decisions, now, and in the future. Hard decisions are on the horizon, where knowledge, experience and courage is needed. My record reflects my ability to make those decisions, no matter how hard they may be.

Despite the challenges of the present, we must keep moving forward. Initiatives I fully support include the purchase of land as finances allow, expansion of our successful livestock venture, and our water rights. Sustainability and self-reliance should be this Nation's primary goal. 

As we enter a time of uncertainty, knowledge and experience become invaluable assets of leadership. I pledge to put my knowledge and experience to work for you and continue to be a voice of reason and common sense.

R.J. Walker