Congress confirms board appointees during 2020 Hun-Kah Session

With the Sixth Osage Nation Congress meeting for its 2020 Hun-Kah Session electronically for the first time, legislative business continued as usual including consideration and confirmation of individuals to serve on various boards.

Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear appointed the individuals to vacant seats on the ON boards and those appointments are then subject to Congressional confirmation to serve three-year terms. Congress voted to confirm the following individuals:

Veterans Memorial Commission: Retired ON Trial Court Chief Judge Marvin Stepson received a unanimous 12-0 confirmation vote to serve on the five-member Veterans Memorial Commission.

Election Board: Shannon Lockett and Terry Hazen are reappointments to the three-member Election Board. Both were confirmed unanimously.

Home Health Board: Debbie Cheshewalla and Carla Brown are reappointments for the three-member Home Health Board. Both were confirmed with a 12-0 vote.

Gaming Enterprise Board: Former ON Congressman Mark Simms is unanimously reconfirmed to serve on the five-member gaming board.

Foundation Board: Monte Boulanger is unanimously reconfirmed to serve on the five-member foundation board.

Utility Authority Board: Mike Wellner, Gary Burd and Paul Bemore are reappointments to the five-member board. All three received unanimous votes.

Health Authority Board: Nancy Keil is a reappointment to the five-member board and her confirmation passed with 10 “yes” votes, one “no” vote from Congresswoman Brandy Lemon and one abstention from Congressional Speaker Joe Tillman who is Keil’s nephew.

Michael Bristow is a board reappointment and was confirmed with 10 “yes” votes, one “no” from Lemon and one abstention from Congresswoman Shannon Edwards.

Cindra Shangreau is a first-time appointment, who received 11 “yes” votes and one “no” from Lemon.

Osage Nation Environmental Services (ONES) LLC Board: Former Congressman Eddy Red Eagle Jr. and Anthony Webb are reappointments to the five-member board. Both received 10 “yes” confirmation votes and two abstentions from Edwards and Congressman Eli Potts.   

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