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Historic Preservation Office announces locations for sites visits for next five years

Graphic courtesy of ON Historic Preservation Office

The Osage Nation Historic Preservation Office has announced the heritage sites locations for the next five years.

Each year, the ONHPO takes 20 lucky Osages to visit historic locations of Osages on a five-day trip to learn the Nation’s history through archaeologists’ eyes. Food and lodging are provided for the trip and participants travel on a chartered bus.

-       2021 will take participants to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. Participants will visit caves and sacred sites.

-       2022 will take participants to St. Louis, Missouri, where participants will visit mounds and view rock art.

-       2023 will take participants to Hannibal, Missouri, where they will view Sacred Bluffs and Riverways.

-       2024 will take participants to Missouri River to walk Osage Trails and learn about how the Osage controlled the Trade in the region when they lived there.

-       2025 will take participants to the Osage 4 Corners where participants will see sites of former Osage villages and missions.

According to the ONHPO, “The mission is to preserve, maintain, and revitalize the culture and traditions of the Osage Nation. The program focus is to identify, document, protect, and preserve archaeological and historic Osage sites and graves in Osage County and our ancestral territory. The overarching goal of the program is to meet the cultural preservation needs voiced by the Osage people.”