Education Department offers programs to help Osage youth succeed

The Osage Nation Education Department offers a wide variety of support programs for Osage youth in K-12th grade.

K-12th Grades

-       Academic Advisor Support Services: an advisor provides counsel for students transitioning to higher education.

-       Nationwide Academic Tutoring Program (NATP): The department works with families and national accredited tutoring centers to help all legally enrolled Osage members in Pre-K through 12th grade, private or public schools.

-       Johnson O’Malley: provides supplementary financial assistance to Native American students 3-years-old to 12th grade attending public schools in Osage County.

-       STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math program offered at WELA, Daposka Ahnkodapi, camps, field trips, competitions and special events for Osage students.

-       Osage Nation School Support Program (ONSSP): Tribal education advocates assist, monitor grades/ attendance, provide tutoring support for Osage students in public schools in Osage County.

-       Oscar H. Hope Youth Scholarship: awarded to 8 Osage students nationwide each academic year for grades Kindergarten through 12th with a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

-       STAR Scholarship: the Summertime Achievement Reward is a scholarship available to Osage students 7th grade through 11th grade for summer camps for high achievers.

-       Concurrent Enrollment Program: provides high school students and community members enrollment opportunities to enroll in college courses through Tulsa Community College.

-       College Entrance Assistance Program: serves Osage members nationwide with financial support for ACT/SAT prep workshop/materials fee, ACT/SAT test fee, advance placement (AP) exam fee and college application fees.

Higher Education 

-       Higher Education Scholarship: annual college scholarship administered by Scholarship America

-       Internship: the program is designed to provide students with work experience in their chosen field of study.

-       Stole/ Commendations: available to Osage students participating in higher education commencement ceremonies.

-       Career Training Scholarship: available for Osage students enrolled in a program that awards a certification or licensure at a state or nationally accredited training facility. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and be in good standing.

-       John L. Rubel Scholarship: awarded to two Osage students attending Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in Okmulgee or Tri-County Technology Center in Bartlesville.

-       Eugene Daniel Scholarship: awarded to four Osage students enrolled in a degree/ certificate program at an accredited college or technical school and major in a medically-related field.

-       E. Ray Adkisson Scholarship: awarded to four Osage students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program.

-       Mary E. Tinker Scholarship: awarded to 12 Osage students enrolled in a graduate degree program.

-       Morris E. & Ethel Carlton Wheeler Scholarship Trust: awarded to six Osage students and adopted children of original Osage allottee who are furthering their education.

-       Certification and Licensure Testing Program: assistance to Osage students nationwide for the cost of one certification or licensure test fee that is needed to gain viable employment, including but not limited to the bar exam, CPA, CNA, CLEET, EMT, real estate license and teacher certification.

Other Scholarships listed:

-       Lt. William J. Scott Scholarship

-       Mae Lasley 2014 Application

-       OTEC 2016 Initial Application

-       OTEC 2016 Renewal Application

-       2017 Intertribal Timber Council Research Scholarship and Truman Picard Scholarship

-       Wah-Tiah-Kah Scholarship Application

-       DOE Scholars Program

-       Virginia Leflore Marshall Foundation Scholarship

For more information on each program offered, visit the education department’s website at