Minerals Council

Osage Minerals Council cancels annual Oil and Gas Summit

Add the 2020 Osage Oil and Gas Summit to the list of coronavirus-induced cancellations.

On Sept. 21, Osage Minerals Council member Susan Forman confirmed via email that no plans are underway to host a summit this year thanks to COVID-19. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Osage Minerals Council has been conducting its meetings via Zoom since April.

“The pandemic makes it too dangerous and it takes a year in advance to assemble a team and plan a successful summit like the 2019 Osage Oil and Gas Summit,” Forman wrote.

The 2019 edition brought several hundred producers, shareholders and government officials to together for a two-day affair at Osage Casino Tulsa. However, as of Sept. 21, Tulsa County has almost 1,400 active COVID-19 cases according to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, including 22 just in the casino’s zip code.

With Tulsa County consistently among the state’s highest COVID-19 case counts since the pandemic’s early days, the summit is not the only casualty. Several organization meetings and events in Tulsa’s Indigenous community have either been canceled outright or moved to a digital format in an effort to prevent additional spread of the virus.

With the Guthrie Green still closed, the city’s Native American Day celebration in October will instead be online. The Greater Tulsa Area Indian Affairs Commission has been conducting its meetings via web conference since April. Meanwhile, both the Tulsa Indian Club and Intertribal Indian Club canceled their annual powwows earlier this year.