Osage Nation Congress to convene for 2021 Hun-Kah Session starting March 29

The Seventh Osage Nation Congress will meet for its 2021 Hun-Kah Session starting Monday, March 29 at 10 a.m.

This is the first 24-day regular spring session for the 12-member Congress of the 2021 calendar year. Per the 2006 Osage Constitution, the Congress “shall convene twice annually in regular session, so that six months shall not intervene between the last sitting of the Congress and its first sitting in the next session.”

March 2021 also marks the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic in Oklahoma, which prompted governmental entities and businesses to change their daily operations and practices to keep employees, officials and the public as safe as possible from the virus spread. In March 2020 at the Nation, Congress started holding its regular and special sessions by electronic means with minimal staff and members in the Congressional Office and others attending remotely via video conferencing on their devices.

During the session, Congress will consider filed legislative bills, resolutions and other matters brought to the Legislative Branch for review and action. The Congress also considers individuals appointed for service on the Nation’s boards and commissions for confirmation votes to serve three-year terms during the regular sessions.

The members will meet in Congressional committee meetings, which will be scheduled as needed throughout the session for initial reviews and consideration of legislation and other matters.

At the end of each Hun-Kah Session, Congress elects their Speaker and Second Speaker posts to serve one-year terms, according to ON Congressional Rules. Congress also forms their select and standing committees at that time, with those committee terms also lasting one year.

During the session and committee meetings held in the Capitol Building, Congressional public meetings (except executive sessions allowed by Osage law) will be live-streamed at

Copies of filed legislative bills and resolutions, as well as Congressional meeting notices and agendas for sessions are posted online to the Legislative Branch website at: