Minerals Council

Minerals Council aims to streamline efforts by discontinuing committees

The Osage Minerals Council voted to disassemble their committees, however, that doesn’t mean the work the committees did will go unfinished. The council as a whole will do the work that was once separated by the committees led by council members.

The council discussed the idea of ending the individual committees during the executive session of the May 20 meeting. Councilwoman Marsha Harlan made the motion to end the individual committees, it was seconded by Councilwoman Margo Gray.

“I would like to make a motion that in an effort to act more cohesively and streamline the efforts of the minerals council that we disassemble all committees of the council and that we return to the order of all work being performed by the council as a whole,” Councilwoman Harlan said.

The motion to end the committees passed with six votes, and one abstained vote from Chairman Everett Waller. Waller said his reasoning for not voting is because as chairman he would oversee the additional agendas and he wanted that decision to be made by the council members.

Though the motion passed with all council members voting yes, not everyone is excited about the change.

“As the former Chairman of the successful Well Plugging Committee, I would like to see this committee re-established,” said Councilman Paul Revard

In the statement sent to Osage News, Revard addressed the recent $3 million in federal funding the former Well Plugging committee received. Approximately one-third of that funding is still available for plugging wells and an additional $10 million has been requested for the well-plugging program.

Revard said, “It seems appropriate and reasonable to me to have a Well Plugging Committee dedicated to this endeavor.”

The dissolution of the mineral council’s committees went into effect immediately.