ON opens temporary membership for infants allowing family with newborns to apply for Cash Assistance

Courtesy Photo/ON Communications

The Osage Nation is opening temporary membership for infants under 1 year old so their parents and guardians can apply for the Nation’s Cash Assistance.

In a news release, the Nation said the temporary application process is in response to the Osage American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Cash Assistance, which is providing up to $2,000 cash assistance to enrolled members of the Nation that have experienced a negative economic impact because of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.

During the 10th special session on Aug. 2, the Seventh ON Congress unanimously passed bill ONCA 21-52 (sponsored by Congressman Joe Tillman) to provide $35 million in direct assistance from the initial distribution of $108 million in ARPA funding.   

To apply for temporary membership for infants, parents or guardians must complete and submit a paper application with supporting documents to the Temporary Membership for Infants (TMFI) Task Force who will verify eligibility for temporary membership.

“The Temporary Membership process will allow those under 365 days old to qualify for benefits and programs that Osage Nation offers before they are issued a CDIB or Membership Card,” Lauren A. Malone, Osage Nation CDIB/Membership Director said in a statement. “This process does not replace the Osage Nation Membership/CDIB application process. However, it will help Osage families with newborns apply for benefits such as the ARP cash assistance before an infant is formally enrolled.”

The process for parents and guardians to follow in applying for temporary membership for infants is:

1. Parents/ guardians must submit a packet that includes an ARP paper application form and supporting documents to Do not submit the application to Osage ARP – RT Consulting LLC. If the infant’s Social Security Number is unavailable, please put “N/A.”

Forms are available by:

-        Download from the Nation’s website at:

-        Pick-up: Visit the ON Welcome Center at 239 W. 12th Pawhuska, OK, 74056

Supporting documents must include: Front and back scanned original state-issued birth certificate. If married at the time of the birth, a copy of the marriage license. If not married, and the father is the Osage parent, a notarized paternity affidavit is required and available at:   

If the infant is adopted: Submit front and back scanned original state-issued birth certificate after adoption and final adoption decree that states the Osage parent as the biological parent.

If Osage father is not on the birth certificate, then DNA is required and has to be filed in court and a judge must establish paternity before being verified.

2. The TMFI Task Force will verify eligibility for temporary membership.

3. The TMFI Task Force will forward the application to Osage ARP – RT Consulting LLC for the application to be processed. Submitting an ARP Cash Assistance application does not qualify individuals for a CDIB card or Membership Card. Parents/guardians are still required to follow the Membership and CDIB application guidelines and process.

Membership and CDIB applications are available at Questions regarding the Osage ARP Temporary Membership for Infants can be emailed to