Osage Nation purchases Pawhuska building for new receiving and distribution hub

Courtesy Photo/ON Communications

The Osage Nation will soon have a new receiving and distribution center after purchasing the former Mid-Continent building on Pawhuska’s south side.

With Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding, the Nation purchased the building and property located at 111 John Dahl Ave., according to an Osage Nation press release. Pending improvements and renovation work starting this month, the building will be used as a new receiving and distribution hub.

“The purchase of this building and the property that goes with it is essentially two-fold,” said ON Director of Operations Casey Johnson. “First, it gets more land and a viable structure back into the hands of the Osage people. Second, it will allow us to have a centralized receiving and distribution hub for all of the supplies, materials, and equipment that comes into the Nation for all of the departments. From this central hub we can better track where and to whom our assets are going. It will make it easier for us to understand what the Nation owns in property and supplies.”

The release also notes the CARES Act purchase provides an additional level of safety as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make social distancing necessary. The building is located along State Highway 99 at Lynn Avenue south of the three-way intersection with U.S. 60.

“A central receiving facility will increase social distancing by routing all deliveries to one place,” COVID Task Force Coordinator James Weigant said in a statement. “Rather than delivery companies entering all the Osage Nation buildings, they only enter one. Additionally, with the delivery service we will provide, Osage Nation employees will no longer be required to travel to pick up some orders. This facility will greatly improve social distancing and our ability to contact trace all personnel in and out of all Osage Nation facilities.”

The ON Attorney General’s Office cleared title to the property to make the purchase possible. “Any time our office can help grow the Nation’s land base, we are thrilled to be involved, especially on a purchase like this one that is intended to increase the safety of the Nation’s employees,” Attorney General Clint Patterson said in the release.