Minerals Council

OMC pays for members to take course teaching solutions to combat climate change

The Energy Evolution AAPG Midcontinent Section Meeting 2021 conference will take place Oct. 1-5. Osage News Screenshot

The Osage Minerals Council is the centennial sponsor for the American Association of Petroleum Geologist convention in Tulsa on Oct. 1-5.

The Energy Evolution AAPG Midcontinent Section Meeting 2021 conference offers multiple courses as well as field trips. The council voted to pay for its members to take a course that teaches solutions for climate change called Fundamentals of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage.

“I think it will be very beneficial for all of us to attend it, to learn more about this new phase in fossil fuel production and how it compliments solutions to climate change,” said Councilwoman Susan Foreman.

The course has a limit of 40 participants and takes place on Sunday, Oct. 3 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is one of many courses offered at the AAPG. Foreman made the motion during the Aug. 18 meeting that any council member who wants to attend the course can, and the council will pay for it.

Foreman said, “This is such an important topic in this day and age, because right now, and thanks to councilmembers [Myron] Red Eagle and especially [Talee] Redcorn’s contribution and inspiration with all of these new findings for the potential for enhanced oil recovery in the Osage Nation combined with our challenge to produce fossil fuels without continuing to pollute the environment.”

The council will also host an all-day bus tour of the Osage Reservation on Saturday, Oct. 2.

An Osage Nation Field Trip, led by Osage geologist Bill Lynn, will take conference attendees to the Avant Pool and the Candy Creek Rock Crusher, the Osage Nation Museum and the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. Then attendees will experience a hands-on feel of a natural oil seep from the Revard sandstone. They will also visit the Burbank Pool for a tour through operations. According to the brochure of the convention, a traditional Osage dinner will be provided for convention attendees at Wakon Iron Hall­.  

The council found they could sequester CO2 in several areas of the Osage Reservation.

The motion passed 6-0, Councilwoman Margo Gray was not present for the vote.