Speaker Pratt delivers end of session report on FY 2022 budgets

The Osage Nation government is now operating under the 2022 fiscal year with budgets approved by the Seventh ON Congress in the Tzi-Zho Session.

Congressional Speaker Angela Pratt delivered her end-of-session report before the Congress adjourned the session used to consider and approve the annual budgets. On Oct. 1, Pratt, along with Congressional Office staff, compiled the following session data shared with her colleagues: 

The Congress appropriated $54,731,042 in tribal funding during the session, which comes from sources including gaming, ON Tax Commission and other program and department revenue.

Congress appropriated $40,836,986 in non-tribal funding from other sources including federal grant money awarded to the Nation for specific departments, entities and respective purposes.

The Congress authorized expenditures of $10,466,249 in Indirect Costs (IDC) recoveries from the various ON departments and entities.

Congress authorized the expenditure of $1,845,854 in space cost recoveries from the departments and entities.

With the FY 2022 government budgets passed, Pratt reported $7,736,228 remains available for appropriations in the fiscal year as of Oct. 1.

In her report, Pratt also expressed: “I would like to thank in particular Second Speaker (Jodie) Revard as the Appropriations (Committee) chair, the budget analyst (Jordan Fraser), but also definitely all of the members of Congress who helped us get to this point. I think that the budget analyst did a fine job and I appreciate his work and also the Appropriations chair in working directly with the Treasury, the Controller (Tyler Mcintosh), the Assistant Controller (Ryan Armstrong) to communicate and collaborate in trying to get good information to the Congress ... I also appreciate Mr. Mcintosh at the Treasury Department and his Assistant Controller for their work, and they have a lot to do over there. I know they’re still working on audits, but I know they are doing their best in trying to communicate with the Congress and that in itself is a big hurdle we’ve struggled to get over and I appreciate their effort and to the Executive Branch personnel who have participated, all the directors who reported to Congress and presented their programs and were able to discuss program plans and the work they do for our Nation. I appreciate the members of Congress, the committee chairs for their work in a lot of moving parts as we all know during session.”

For more Congressional session information and to view filed legislative bills/ resolutions, visit the Legislative Branch website at: