Minerals Council

Council plans to join forces with Tulsa Geological Society to hold Oil and Gas Summit

During the first weekend in October, the Osage Minerals Council traveled to Tulsa for the American Association of Petroleum Geologist [AAPG] convention hosted by the Tulsa Geological Society. Following the convention, the council now looks to team up with the AAPG to host the annual Oil and Gas Summit.

Councilwoman Margo Gray made the motion to begin collaborative efforts to hold the summit in partnership with the geological society during the council’s regular meeting on Oct. 20.

“To me, it doesn’t matter whether we’re in our last year or whatever. It's a responsibility that we have,” Gray said. “Right now, with the market being up like it is, we need to be looking at any way and every way we can market our mineral estate.”

All present council members voted in favor of the motion. Some showed their support by addressing what they found was a success at the AAPG convention.

Councilman Talee Redcorn expressed that the conference was, “unlocking our brains to look even broader.”

Second Chair Myron Red Eagle added, “I’m in favor of all this. I learned one thing for sure about the geological society, anytime there’s oil involved you’re going to have to have a geologist. I learned that for sure. It was drilled into my head and now it’s never going to go away.”

Many ideas for the summit were brought to the table. Gray pitched having a roundtable with the other energy tribes, inviting the Department of Energy and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. While Redcorn hoped to discuss the engineering aspect of the oil and gas industry. However, the council is just beginning the planning process.

The council will look at possible dates for the summit and continue to discuss what key points they want to present.