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A Message from June 2010 candidate Tim Tall Chief-Feb.

In accordance with the Osage News Election policy, the Osage News is allowing each candidate 500 words on leading up to the June 2010 election.

By Tim Tall Chief, Candidate for Principal Chief

“Proven Leadership” is verifiable as demonstrated success in leadership positions. As a current member of the Osage Nation Health and Wellness Advisory Board, I provide expert advice to the Executive Branch and Congress on issues relevant to the health needs of our Osage people in Oklahoma and throughout the United States. I recently retired as Deputy Commissioner of Administration for the Oklahoma State Department of Health, where my responsibilities included administrative oversight of a $370 million annual budget for an agency of 2300 employees with facilities and clinics in 70 Oklahoma counties. Governor Frank Keating appointed me to the Oklahoma Indian Affairs Commission, where I served eight years as Chairman of the Board. Prior to joining the Oklahoma State Department of Health, I served as the State Director of Indian Education with the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Among the numerous other boards and committees on which I have served, I am particularly honored to have been a member of our Osage E-Lon-Shka ceremonial for the past 30 years, and to have been invited to serve as a committeeman for the Greyhorse District. I believe that the Osage Nation deserves “Proven Leadership” in its elected Chief, and I would be honored to serve in this leadership positions for the Osage Nation and our people.


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Original Publish Date: 2011-02-11 00:00:00

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