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Andrew Yates announces his candidacy for the Third Osage Minerals Council

Dear Osage shareholder, I am honored to announce my candidacy for the third Osage Minerals council. It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your councilman for the last four years. I am the great grandson of Henry and Hope Coshehe, my grandparents were John and Josephine Coshehe. My parents were Paul, Sr. and Eva Mae (Coshehe) Yates. I belong to the Sun Clan from the Wa-Xa-Lo-Li district and participate each June along with my family in our In-Lo-Sha-ka dances.

I graduated from St. Gregory’s college in Shawnee, Oklahoma and also attended the University of Oklahoma. I currently run a small ranching cow/calf operation on original allotted and restricted property south of Pawhuska, Oklahoma near the small community of Nelagoney. I have been married to my wife, Shelly for the last 17 years and we have two young daughters, Annabelle Eva and Josephine Mae, both 7 and 9 years old. My oldest daughter is Katie Yates who is scheduled to graduate from Oklahoma State in Stillwater this July with a bachelor in Zoological sciences.

I have over 33 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, for the last 30 years I have worked for the Osage Nation Environmental Natural Resources department.

I serve on the Evergreen Rural water district #18 as a board member and was appointed to the Osage Nation Water Rights Task force; I am a member of the SOER (Sustaining Oklahoma Energy Resources state agency with Oklahoma Energy Resources Board) appointed by my fellow Council to represent the Osage Minerals council and placed on the SOER Advisory council. SOER (formerly the Marginal Well Commission) was developed to protect marginal oil and gas wells that produce less than 10 barrels/day oil and less than 60 mcfd(thousand cubic feet/day) gas. Ninety percent of Osage production falls under this category.

I am seeking your vote to continue building on the success and handling the challenges that come before the Minerals council, I will continue to protect and develop the Mineral estate for the Osage shareholders’ interests as set forth in the 1906 allotment act as amended.

I remain dedicated to protecting the Environment as well as looking at innovative drilling and production methods to continue to develop the minerals estate for today and future generations. If elected I will continue to represent you the Osage shareholder, please vote for me on June 2nd         Thank You!

For more information contact

Andrew Yates

P.O. Box 997

Pawhuska, Ok.74056

Home: 918-846-2344

Cell: 918-440-2329



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Original Publish Date: 2014-04-23 00:00:00


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