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Anthony Whitehorn announces his candidacy for the Fourth Osage Nation Congress

I am Anthony Whitehorn (Ki-he-ka-nah-she) and am honored to announce my candidacy, for Osage Nation Congress. This decision was not made lightly. I sought the advise of many Osages to help my family and I make this important leadership decision.

I graduated from Northeastern State University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. I worked with companies in the Tulsa area until I went to work for the 30th Osage Tribal Council and continued with 31st Osage Tribal Council.  My job was Project Specialist and developed several of the Tribe’s economic endeavors, including the first casino. It was an exciting time in the economic growth of the tribe. Our ability to game had just become a reality, we navigated the process to get Osage Business Enterprise 8(a) certified. At the same time Osage Nation Enterprise, Inc. was established to perform non-8(A) business.  All these businesses were started when the Osage did not have a large revenue stream as we do today. I am proud of the work that we accomplished while working at the Tribe. I know what it is like to work on “the Hill” and love your job and at the same time wonder if you will have a job.

When my time was up at the Tribe, my wife and I started a company providing foot care services.  We operated a clinic in Hominy and provided services to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We grew the company to twenty employees and three doctors. It was very rewarding and challenging and would have been impossible without great employees who provided excellent service to the people we served. After three years, a company made an offer to buy our business and we chose to take the offer.  We then moved to the Owasso area and have focused on the school and sporting activities of our kids.

I have observed our new government and I believe we are at a critical point in it’s formative years. As a Congressman it will be important to work along side the Office of the Chief adhering to proper checks and balances in decision making for all Osage people. I will not be a rubber stamp for the Executive, instead I will work with my colleagues and the Chief to provide clear and concise direction for our Nation. We can accomplish this through professional and courteous communication. We have to establish UNITY in this government: communication, direction, and respect are key. Unity will propel our Nation forward.

We can promote longevity and sustainability within the Osage Nation by taking action to get our financial house in order and create an environment to diversify our Nation’s Economic Development. I will use my business experience to work with the Executive Branch to establish fiscal accountability and transparency of our Nation’s revenue and expenditures, it’s our money. I understand as an elected official, it is my responsibility to be prudent with the people’s money.

I am asking for your vote.


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Original Publish Date: 2014-04-15 00:00:00


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