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Archie Mason announces his candidacy for the Third Osage Nation Congress

Archie Mason announces his candidacy for reelection to the Osage Nation Congress. “I consider it an honor to serve and contribute my best to our Osage people and way of life.  I will always be dedicated to the Osage people and Osage Nation and I will serve with honesty, integrity, passion and compassion”, says Archie.

During his time in congress, he has had the privilege of being a member of the historic 1st Osage Nation Congress and had the honor of being the first Speaker of the House.  He has served as Chair of the Health and Social Services Committee, Vice-Chair of the Education Committee, and member of the Rules and Ethics Committee.  He has been a constant presence in the Congressional office and among the Osage people: taking time to listen, communicate, and research facts using his experience to determine how best to meet the needs of the Nation.  He has worked hard over the last five and half years to build relationships within all the branches of government to solicit clear and open communication. He believes the constitution must enable the government to function to its fullest potential and bring benefit to the people with fairness, equality and justice.  He believes it is essential  to have accountability to the people.

Archie is a retired educator with 34 years in public education and holds a Master’s Degree in education and secondary school administration from Northeastern State University.  He has over four decades of involvement with federal programs, including the U.S. Departments of Education, Interior, Public Health, and Selective Service Commission.  While representing Indian Education at local, state, and national levels, he has gained insight and understanding into varied government agencies.  He has applied his expertise to the many issues that have come before Osage Nation Congress.

Archie is culturally active with the Osage Nation.  He aspires to continue his family tradition of tribal government service with his reelection.  His parents were Archie Mason Sr. and Julia Deal Mason, both active within the Osage Nation.  His grandfather, Joseph C. Mason was a Tribal Councilman, and his great-grandfather, James Bigheart, was Chief of the Osages. It would be a great honor for Archie to continue to serve the Osage Nation.

Archie is married to Ramona Mason, a member of the Mvskoke (Creek) tribe.  Together they have five children, nine grandchildren and one great granddaughter.


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Original Publish Date: 2012-04-02 00:00:00


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