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Ballot order set for OMC election candidates

The Osage Minerals Council ballot order of candidates is set with the names of the Osage shareholders seeking office in the June 4 election.

According to OMC Election Supervisor Billie Ponca, a drawing was held April 3 to determine where each candidate’s name will be placed on the ballot. The drawing outcome resulted in the following ballot order:

2018 Osage Minerals Council election candidates

  1. Robert E. Yarbrough
  2. Cynthia J. Boone
  3. Paul S. Revard
  4. Marsha L. Harlan
  5. Talee Redcorn
  6. Stephanie Erwin
  7. Kathryn Red Corn
  8. Linda Heskett
  9. Susan Revard Forman
  10. Andrew Yates
  11. Margo Gray
  12. Everett M. Waller
  13. Joseph B. Cheshewalla
  14. Myron F. Red Eagle

For more information on the OMC election, the OMC Election Supervisor’s office can be reached at (918) 287-5288 or email billie.ponca@osagenation-nsn.gov


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Original Publish Date: 2018-05-21 00:00:00


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