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Candidates giving more than just pamphlets on Election Day


Jacelle Ramon-Sauberan

As Osages head to the poll, Osage candidates are setting up their camps, decorating their tents and handing out freebies to the public.

Osage candidate Maria Whitehorn is handing out buttons that say “Vote Whitehorn” with a ribbon work design watermark. She also has purple koozies that say “Vote Whitehorn” with a check box on it.

Whitehorn decided to hand out buttons because she wanted to tell the story of ribbon work. The ribbon work that is featured on her buttons and campaign signs came from her Aunt Frances Kilpatrick.

“I found the ribbon work on one of my aunt’s dresses from when she was a little girl,” Whitehorn said.

As for the koozies, Whitehorn wanted to hand out something everyone could utilize and not just throw away. She said it was also her way of trying to be green.

And for the color choice she went with purple because she is from Hominy and it is also the color of the Hominy Bucks.

Osage candidates Kathryn Red Corn and Candy Thomas are handing out fans that say, “It’s a special occasion. Come by our election day camp to cool off with our tasty melon.”

The fans were designed and hand-made by Sandra Jamison, a friend of Red Corn.

“She came to me and said I have an idea I want to run by you and it worked out really well for all of us,” Red Corn said.

As for Osage candidate Jacque Jones she is taking a different approach. She is having family and friends wear bright red t-shirts that say, “Jacque Jones for Congress,” on the backside.

“I decided to make shirts because it’s a walking billboard and it travels,” Jones said. “It also shows that people support me.”

As for the color Jones said she chose red because it stands out and it is always eye catching.

Osage candidate Teresa DeRoin Hudgins also has family and friends wearing t-shirts that say, “Vote 30” on them. 

Osage candidates like Matthew Shunkamolah, Hank Hainzinger and Linda Lazelle are handing out their campaign pamphlets. While others like Shane Rencountre are not handing anything out but simply asking people to stop by and chat.

Original Publish Date: 2012-06-04 00:00:00


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