Cecelia Tallchief announces candidacy for the Fourth Osage Nation Congress


Let’s build a stronger Nation. As a former legislator and business leader, I’m a good communicator who understands the value of listening. Yet, not only do I listen, but I’m equipped with the strategic skills and experience to turn words into actions and thoughts into plans, understanding evaluation and follow-through are critical components of any legislation.

Cooperation is the key to success, whether it be in business or personal life, and I believe it is time we as a people learn to cooperate for the betterment of our Nation. I believe the Osage Nation Congress should have an eye on the future, to ensure coming generations of Osage have a Nation in which they will be proud.

Developing legislation that follows the Constitution and the Strategic plan will strengthen and build the Osage Nation

My strengths are:

Practical, hands-on business experience

Understanding strategic planning for the future

Successful implementation of various programs

Excellent communication skills

Management and private industry experience

Healthcare: The issue of healthcare has always been near and dear to my heart. As a Nation, we must try to improve healthcare for future generations through better programs and legislation designed to facilitate these goals.

Economic Development: It is imperative we bring jobs to the Osage Nation. A strong infrastructure of economic development will help build a stronger nation that can weather the tests of time and our Congress must enact legislation to assist in this process.

Education: Educational assistance and opportunities for Osage citizens need to be enhanced. As a graduate of Pittsburgh State University, I understand the costs faced by families wishing to send their children to college. As a member of Congress, I will work to see fiscally-responsible legislation passed to help achieve these goals.

If elected, I will work hard for you, the people of our Osage Nation, to ensure your voice is heard. My office door will always be open to hear your concerns. Using my extensive knowledge of tribal operations, along with my communication skills, I believe I could help bring a new level of cooperation and vision to our Nation. When thinking of leadership for the future, vote Cecelia Tallchief for Osage Nation Congress.

I would appreciate hearing from you, so please contact me via email at ctallchief8@yahoo.com; my phone number is 918-724-1615. Please visit my website at www.ceceliatallchief.com


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Original Publish Date: 2014-05-05 00:00:00


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