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Charles Red Corn’s ‘A Pipe for February’ to be made into feature motion picture

Charles Red Corn’s “A Pipe for February” is to be made into a feature motion picture.

The adapted screenplay, written by Osage director Scott Javine and executive produced by Yancey Red Corn and Jim Gray, tells the story of John Grayeagle’s experiences during the Osage oil boom and subsequent ‘Reign of Terror.’ The story weaves through Osage history, the people’s newfound wealth, the unscrupulous characters who seek it and the culture, education and traditions that make up the Osage people.

“Although our goal for ‘A Pipe for February’ is to tell an entertaining and satisfying film narrative, it provides a chance to do much more. The ‘reign of terror’ is familiar to the Osage people, but it remains largely unknown to the outside world. The opportunity is here to produce a film that not only shows our struggle and drama of the 1920s, but also one that ‘educates by entertainment’ and enlightens other historical aspects of the Osage people,” said Yancey Red Corn, Executive Producer and son of author Charles Red Corn. “It is my father’s hope that this book would one day be made into a film, our goal is to make a movie worthy of my father’s vision and put it on the screen.”

Set in 1924 Pawhuska, John Grayeagle, his family and friends try to escape a life or death situation from individuals preying on Osage wealth. Their decisions have far-reaching impact on the Osage people.

“The white man does not swoop in to save the day in ‘A Pipe for February.’ The film is the all too rare story where the Indians are not Hollywood stereotypes,” said Gray, former Principal Chief of the Osage Nation and Executive Producer. “These Native Americans are not the war paint-wearing bad guys; the sad, down trodden, persecuted underdog or the idiot, mono-syllabic comedy relief. In the novel and screenplay, the Indian characters are educated citizens. These are definitely not typical movie Indians and are very unique because of it.”

Javine, Osage, has been a professional in the movie and television industry for 30 years, according to a prepared release.

“The project has been in discussions for several years and took most of 2015 to complete the screenplay,” he said.

For more information, contact Jim Gray at (918) 606-4834 or email at



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Original Publish Date: 2016-01-06 00:00:00


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