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Chief Red Eagle issues executive order changing supervisory authority for ONPD


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Osage Nation Principal Chief John Red Eagle issued an executive order removing Attorney General Jeff Jones’ supervisory authority of ON Police Chief Nick Williams. Williams will now be reporting to the Chief’s office.

In the four-sentence executive order dated Oct. 30, Red Eagle wrote: “Effective immediately, all Osage Nation Police Department personnel will report to Nick Williams, Osage Nation Chief of Police instead of Jeff Jones, Osage Nation Attorney General.

“Nick Williams will now report directly to Chief Red Eagle. This should eliminate any conflicts of interest that may arise. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Jones said he would remain in contact with ONPD if questions were brought to his attention. “They’re still looking to me for legal issues,” Jones said.

Raymond Lasley, executive advisor of programs for Red Eagle’s office, said he had no comment on the executive order. ONPD was under the Executive Branch’s jurisdiction but that changed after the Attorney General’s office was created.

The shift in supervisory authority occurred after Jones was confirmed as Attorney General. Jones would not comment on the reasons why the supervisory authority changed in 2010.

ONPD has a force of 18 officers, including Williams, that patrols the tribe’s jurisdictional lands.

Original Publish Date: 2012-12-05 00:00:00


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