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Congress ends second special session; five pieces of legislation passed


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The Fifth Osage Nation Congress voted to end its second special session on July 19 after considering and taking action on several pieces of legislation. The following items were passed by the Congress before adjourning on Day Two of the special session:

  • ONCA 16-74: An act to set the funding levels for the Nation’s Higher Education Scholarships for the 2016-2017 school year.
  • ONCA 16-75: An act to provide a supplemental appropriation of $92,914 to the Cultural Preservation, Arts, Heritage and Language Division for the current fiscal year. This amount is for two outside grants awarded to the tribe and does not include a request for additional tribal funds. The grants are a National Parks Service Historic Preservation Grant ($52,914) for the ON Historic Preservation Office and a Tides Foundation MICA Grant ($40,000) for the Sugarloaf Mound Preservation Project in St. Louis.
  • ONCR 16-31: A resolution to oppose the revised federal regulation increasing the number of eagles which may be killed without penalty under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Eagle Take Permit Proposed Rule Revision.
  • ONCR 16-32: A resolution requesting the U.S. Department of Interior to place fee lands into trust status. The request is for the 43,000-acre Bluestem Ranch purchased by the Nation from TV media mogul Ted Turner earlier this year.
  • ONCR 16-33: A resolution to approve amendments to the Nation’s accounting fiscal management policy manual.

All legislation will be sent to Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear’s office for his review and action.

Original Publish Date: 2016-07-20 00:00:00


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