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Congress to consider bills including one protecting human remains and cemeteries


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The Fourth Osage Nation Congress meets for Day 10 of its Tzi-Zho Session on Sept. 18.

As the Congress continues to consider and debate the Nation’s 2016 fiscal year government budgets in Congressional committees, the Congress will also consider bills and resolutions that are due for floor votes within the next few days including:

ONCA 15-75: An act to protect human remains, funerary objects, graves and cemeteries. The bill (sponsored by Congressman John Maker) states that “any relative of the deceased who wishes to visit or maintain an abandoned cemetery or burial ground which is surrounded by privately owned land shall have the right to reasonable ingress or egress for the purpose of visiting” if no public access way exists and “the right of access to such cemeteries and burials extends to visitations during reasonable hours following a good faith effort to notify the (land’s) owners and tenants.”

The proposed law also requires authorities to work with the ON Historic Preservation Office regarding newly reported graves of remains on tribal trust lands.

ONCA 15-94: An act to amend the Nation’s business, commission and advisory boards act to create a new board category for the Health Authority Board (Congressman Ron Shaw).

ONCR 15-21: A resolution to set the compensation and reimbursement allowance for the Nation’s boards and commissions during the 2016 and 2017 fiscal years (Shaw).

ONCR 15-24: A resolution commending ON Language Department Director Herman “Mogri” Lookout for his leadership, dedication and service to the Osage people in his work to preserve the Osage language (Congresswoman Angela Pratt).

ONCR 15-25: A resolution to adopt and approve the Osage orthography developed by Lookout and refined by the ON Language Department (Pratt).

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