Congressional Speaker Angela Pratt: Candidate statement for 2022 Osage Nation General Election

Congressional Speaker Angela Pratt. Courtesy Photo

I have been blessed with the honor and privilege to serve our Osage people for the past eight years. I made one promise – to work hard. Since then, I have displayed outstanding Congressional committee participation and hold an exceptional attendance record. I have upheld my duty to our Osage people with diligence. I have worked hard to stay informed to make good, solid decisions for our people.

As a member of Congress who votes to fund the Nations programs, projects, infrastructure, litigation, and much more, I have played an integral role in the progress made by our Nation. For example, I voted to purchase the Osage Nation Ranch; to expand the Tulsa Casino-Hotel and Pawhuska and Bartlesville’s most recent casino expansions.

In addition, I voted to move forward with compacting our WahZhaZhe Health Center and hope to see its continued growth and improvements. Finally, I have continued to support our language, culture, education, health, land expansion, and much more.

I put forth a bill from American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding for assisted living facilities, but we must not stop there. We are in the days of a large elder adult population and need to expand services for our elders and those with disabilities to prolong their quality of life.

I have witnessed the struggles to obtain economic growth but remained optimistic and am encouraged by the business board’s performance in the past year. I will continue to stay informed and encourage financial planning and development. When given the autonomy to perform while maintaining good communication and proper oversight, we can grow our opportunities.

As it is imperative, I have worked to communicate and cooperate with my Congressional colleagues and the Executive Branch; to perform my due diligence to make sound appropriations decisions. I have been a strong voice in Congress and have spoken up for my people in many facets. For four of eight years, my peers elected me as Speaker of the Congress, and I have provided caring yet robust leadership.

As a former employee, I understand how our Nation should operate from that perspective and the Congress. I have learned a lot from both branches. However, I believe now is the time to utilize my knowledge and genuine leadership skills to lead our Nation forward. Planning, coordination, and communication are necessities. Our workforce needs organization, guidance, and autonomy to share their education and abilities with us. Together, with my leadership, we can achieve great success for our Osage people and communities.

I have made big decisions for us. I have said yes many times and no many times. I educate myself on the matter at hand and hold a vast knowledge of what has transpired over the years. I appreciate your trust in my leadership and strength and the encouragement to run for this seat. I ask that you continue to believe in me, my compassion and care for our people, and elect me as our next Osage Nation Principal Chief.  


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Angela Pratt

Original Publish Date: 2022-01-04 00:00:00


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