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Photo caption: Image by Oklahoma State Department of Health 

The Osage News is providing a weekly summary of COVID-19 data compiled by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

According to the OSDH, Oklahoma has a total of 20,235 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus. This is an increase of 4,307 individuals in the past week. The OSDH also reported the first death of a child in Oklahoma due to the virus. The name, age, or where the child was from was not released.

“I was deeply saddened to learn of the loss of the state’s first child impacted by COVID-19 since the pandemic arrived in Oklahoma. Our prayers are with the family and community as they mourn the loss of a young, innocent life,” said Interim Health Commissioner Lance Frye, MD, in a statement. “As the pandemic continues to tragically impact families in our state, we can remain vigilant to prevent the spread by actively protecting each other.”

Frye said the OSDH would like to remind Oklahomans that preventive measures – including frequently washing hands, limiting social engagements and wearing a mask where physical distancing is challenging – are essential actions to take as the threat of the virus remains within our communities.

As of July 12, 422 individuals have died, which is an increase of 24 deaths in the state this past week. Osage County has a total of 8 deaths since March and a total of 176 recoveries. 

The OSDH provides free COVID-19 testing at 80 locations throughout Oklahoma and encourages everyone to get tested. An interactive map of testing sites can be found by clicking here.

The News has pulled data to reflect the situation of the virus spread within Osage County, its towns and surrounding cities frequented by Osage County residents, such as Tulsa, Ponca City and Bartlesville. 

Below is data from the latest OSDH COVID-19 Report as of July 12, 2020.

Confirmed active cases by City as of July 12, 2020
Tulsa – 738                  +141 cases in past week

Owasso – 40                +3 cases in past week
Bartlesville – 27           +17 cases in past week
Ponca City – 16           -6 cases in past week
Skiatook – 9                no change
Sperry – 7                    -1 case in past wee
Hominy – 5                  +3 cases in past week
Cleveland – 4              -2 cases in past week
Barnsdall – 3               +3 cases in past week
Fairfax – 2                   no change
Pawhuska – 0              -1 case in past week

Deaths by City as of July 12, 2020
Tulsa – 59                    +3 deaths in past week          

Bartlesville – 37          no change                  
Skiatook – 7                no change      
Ponca City – 6             +1 death in past week
Cleveland – 3             +1 death in past week
Barnsdall – 2               no change
Owasso – 1                  no change
Sperry – 0                    no change
Pawhuska – 0              no change
Hominy – 0                  no change
Fairfax – 0                   no change

Oklahoma Total Cases by Race as of July 12, 2020
White – 56.23%

Unknown – 18.25%
Black or African American – 7.56%
American Indian or Alaska Native – 7.06%
Asian or Pacific Islander alone – 6.96%
Multiple Races/Other – 3.94%

Oklahoma Total Cases by Age Group
18-35               36.29%

36-49               22.06%
50-64               17.70%
65+                  14.87%
05-17               7.04%
00-04               2.04%

To view more data for the state of Oklahoma, visit:

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