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Dana Maker Murrell: Candidate statement for 2022 Osage Minerals Council Election

Candidate statements and announcements are a free submission offered to candidates of the 2022 Osage Minerals Council Election.

By Dana Maker Murrell

Hello to all Osages! My name on the ballot is Dana Maker Murrell, from the Hominy District. I am humbled to step into the 2022 Minerals Council election for a seat on the 5th Osage Minerals Council. The shareholders are my voting audience but I consider this a public introduction, therefore I am speaking to everyone as a courtesy.

I am the daughter of Alma Jean Maker and granddaughter of Ross and Marie Maker.

I left Hominy after graduation in 1989 to explore and figure out how to make money. Life choices allowed me to become a young mother instead.

Living life, scraping by and sometimes having to be creative while juggling all sorts of bills until payday teaches one to think outside of the box. It teaches how to communicate with multiple variables and obstacles in play. It teaches how not to communicate also. When struggles are real and lives depend on the decisions you make, you make sacrifices. Working longer hours or making adjustments to your routine in order to provide.

Fortunately, I found myself working in financial institutions. In the beginning, I applied every bit of knowledge, albeit it little, to my teller position and worked my way up.

I have always remembered what my Uncle Lloyd Maker told me once about working in the world. He said wherever you go, keep your head down, ears open, mouth shut and work.

That basic concept helped me navigate the multiple financial institutions I’ve worked for throughout my 25-year career. Also, because I am so much like my mother sometimes, I excelled in customer relationships and service to all sorts of interesting people and circumstances.

In 2014 I left the local credit union I’d been working at for 6 years and found myself in tribal government.

I began working for the Delaware Tribe of Indians as the Administrative Assistant to the Chief. I served as the assistant to the Chief and 6 Tribal Council members with success before transferring to the HR Director’s position and successfully running that department until I left to work for the Osage Nation Congress in 2017.

While working for the Congress it allowed me to take a good long look at our government and I haven’t been the same since.

Covid-19 came and I ended up taking a break from the government scene.

Since August of last year, I’ve been back at the Delaware. I currently serve as the Executive Assistant to the Chief. I also provide parliamentary oversight and assistance to the Tribal Council, Trust Board and it’s committees.

I hope to bring my positivity along with my work ethic and past experiences in finance and tribal government to a field of extreme importance to me and the people I am choosing to serve.

My mother used to always fret over who was stealing our oil. That made me sad. I want to step up and contribute to our Minerals Council as a councilwoman.

That’s my right. I want to exercise it.

Editor’s Note: Candidate statements and announcements are not edited by the Osage News. They are a free submission offered to candidates of the 2022 Osage Nation General Election.


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