The Osage Nation Education Department is now taking applications from any Osage student in need of academic tutoring. The Osage Nation Sylvan Tutor Program is an Osage tribally funded program designed to serve Osage students across the nation. The intent of the program is to serve as many Osage students in 1st -12th grades as possible that are at risk of failing required subject areas, where Sylvan tutoring centers are available. Eligible students should complete the provided application.

Students receiving services through the Sylvan Tutoring Program will receive funding of $200/month for one subject of tutoring services, excluding the initial testing and enrollment fees of the student. Please note that applications will be processed on a first come first serve basis. Applications are available on the Osage Nation website . If you have any questions or would like to be mailed an application please contact Cherise Lookout with the Osage Nation Education Department at (918) 287-5544 or toll free 1-800-390-6724.

Student Eligibility Requirements

1. A student must be a member of the Osage Nation and provide a copy of their membership card with the application.

2. If a student does not have an Osage membership card an Osage CDIB card will be accepted provisionally for one semester while they secure their Osage membership card.

3. A student must be enrolled in the 1st through 12th grades.

4. A student must be receiving a grade of “D” or below in a required subject area.