Archives December 2009

Employee Christmas bonuses will be disbursed as soon as Congress passes budgets, says Chief Gray

Date: Dec. 2, 2009

Osage Nation Principal Chief Jim Gray said that until Congress passes the Government Operations Departments and Programs appropriation act, ONCA 09-66, he cannot send out ...

New Sylvan Tutoring Assistance Application for Osage Students

Date: Dec. 1, 2009

The Osage Nation Education Department is now taking applications from any Osage student in need of academic tutoring. The Osage Nation Sylvan Tutor Program is ...

Congress passes emergency appropriation bill, Chief Gray says he’ll sign it

Date: Dec. 1, 2009

The Osage Nation Congress has passed another emergency appropriation bill to keep the Nation’s government operating until Jan. 30 or if a 2010 fiscal ...