Twenty-four candidates sign up for Minerals Council election 

The candidates for the Osage general election and the Osage Minerals Council election have been finalized and there are a total of 53. Participating in the general election will be five principal chief candidates, six assistant chief candidates and 20 congressional candidates.

The filing date for the OMC election was Monday and there are a total of 24, including six incumbents. Councilman David Dubler was the only member not to file for re-election. Up for judiciary retention are all three Osage Nation Supreme Court Justices and the Osage Nation Tribal Court judge, Marvin Stepson. The three current justices are Meredith Drent, Jeanine Logan and Chief Justice Charles Lohah.

If the Osage people vote to retain all four judges they will hold their current positions for the next four years. If any of the judges are not retained by vote of the people then the Principal Chief will appoint someone to fill the vacancy.

The amendment up for vote in this year’s election is whether or not to change the wording in articles three, six, seven, eight, 13 and 15 of the Constitution from “membership” to “citizenship,” and to change “eligibility for membership” to “right to citizenship.” Sponsored by William “Kugee” Supernaw, the bill was passed in the March Hun-Kah session of this year.

To view the list of Osage candidates for the June election visit and click on the category Candidate Listing.