Osage Congressional election six months away

Election season has begun.

With the announcement of Olivia “Libbi” Gray and Jim Ryan for next year’s congressional election in June, the Osage News is announcing its rules for candidates wishing to advertise or publish campaign statements in the newspaper.

Each candidate is granted 500 words and a photo when making their initial candidacy announcement. All subsequent announcements will be kept to 125 words. Candidates will be responsible for all editing and delivery of their announcements. The Osage News does not edit candidate announcements or submissions of any kind.

Candidates will be asked to participate in the Osage News Roundup (beginning in May of next year), in which the Osage News will email a question to candidates, give them a day to answer and publish their answers the next day in the order they are received. Answers will be published on the Osage News Web site, Facebook page and Twitter account. Candidates will be given 300 words for the Roundup.

The Osage News will be posting political news blogs on its Web site beginning in January 2012 to inform Osages of daily happenings in the 2012 race.

Candidates or incumbents will not be allowed to publish blogs or columns on the Osage News site or newspaper.  The Osage News will link to candidate’s sites when a candidate publishes a blog or announcement. If a candidate wishes to publish a column in the Osage News they will pay for the space and it will be clearly labeled as an advertisement.

The Osage News does not endorse candidates. The Osage News staff will only attend fundraisers and dinners in their official capacity – to report the news.

The Osage News will publish dates and times of candidate fundraisers and dinners on the Osage News site, Facebook page and Twitter account. It is the candidate’s responsibility to notify the Osage News of important upcoming dates.

Candidates are welcome to advertise with the Osage News, both in the newspaper and online. The Osage News will be publishing candidate campaign financial information, including their advertising accounts with the Osage News. If a candidate fails to pay their advertising bill with the Osage News it will be reported. If a candidate falls more than 30 days behind in payment they will not be allowed to advertise with the Osage News until the bill is paid and it will be reported.

The Osage News will host a candidate debate. Date and time to be announced.

Editorial Board members Robert Warrior (Chairman), Teresa Trumbly Lamsam and Denny McAuliffe voted unanimously to approve the Osage News election policies during a Nov. 29 teleconference.

Have a question for the candidates? Email them to the Osage News at osagenews@osagetribe.orgor post it to our Facebook account. The Osage News does not guarantee a question will be used and the Osage News reserves the right to edit questions submitted.


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