Election Results

ON Election Board certifies 2014 Primary Election results

The 2014 Osage Nation Primary Election results have been certified with two Osage congressmen leading the way.

The Osage Nation Election Board unanimously certified the results on March 14 at their regularly scheduled meeting. If any candidate wishes to challenge the results of the election they have until 4:30 p.m. March 19 to ask for a recount.

Osage Congressman Geoffrey Standing Bear won the principal chief primary election with 1,080 votes or 60.47 percent of the votes. Osage businesswoman Margo Gray came in second with 359 votes, or 20.10 percent of the vote and finishing third was Tom Boone Jr. with a total of 347 votes or 19.43 percent.

Most of Standing Bear’s votes came from absentee voters; he received 701 absentee votes, nearly 500 votes more than Gray.

Twelve votes separated Gray and Boone.

Osage Congressman Raymond Red Corn won the assistant principal chief primary election with 707 votes or 39.5 percent of the votes. Following closely in second was Osage attorney Amanda Proctor, who received 503 votes or 28.10 percent of the votes. In third was Osage attorney Terry Mason Moore with 441 votes or 24.64 percent of the votes, fourth was Randolph Crawford with 79 votes or 4.41 percent of the vote and fifth was Jimmy “Osage” Dailey with 60 total votes or 3.35 percent of the vote.

Red Corn and Proctor received most of their votes from absentee voters. Red Corn received 453 absentee votes and Proctor received 351, separating them by 102 votes. Red Corn received 254 in-person votes and Proctor received 152 in-person votes.

For the Inaugural Primary Election, absentee voters outnumbered the in-person vote. A total of 1,077 absentee voter ballots were counted and 721 Osages voted in-person for a total of 1,798.

For the 2010 General Election, 2,628 Osages voted. For the 2012 General Election, 2,124 Osages voted.

Candidates speak

The four primary election candidates who received the most votes in the March 10 election expressed thanks to the voters as they prepare for two more months of campaigning to win the June general election.

“I look forward to a spirited election, we’re in it to be successful,” Gray said after the unofficial results were announced. Despite the number of votes she earned in contrast to Standing Bear, Gray said she’s always appreciated the underdog position and will move forward with campaigning for June votes.

Gray said the Osage Nation’s future is at stake and voters will face the question of, “who can turn this Nation around?”

Red Corn thanked his supporters because, “without them, these results would not be possible.” He said he was “pleased” with the results, noting he originally set himself a goal of earning 40 percent of the primary vote.

Red Corn said he will keep course on campaigning with a “working hard” ethic.

Standing Bear said he appreciated all those who voted and encouraged more Osages to take advantage of the opportunity to vote.

Standing Bear said: “The level of support is both humbling and encouraging. We must return to the path of putting our Osage people first in everything we do at the Osage Nation government and at its enterprises. We need to see this as the priority in contracts, employment, health care, and every program and at every board and commission.”

Proctor said the primary election was, “bittersweet because my mother (who recently passed away) worked hard for me on my other campaign,” when she first ran for Assistant Principal Chief in 2010.

“I am appreciative of everyone that encouraged and supported me to this point,” Proctor said, adding, “We need to put forth more effort” in informing Osages of the importance of voting.

Principal Chief candidate Margo Gray is interviewed on election night March 10. Chalene Toehay/Osage News

Absentee voters v. In-Person voters for 2012 General Election

[Editor’s Note: The voter statistics in this story do not include 215 voters who participated in the voter privacy program in the 2012 General Election.]

Looking at absentee voter numbers versus in-person voter numbers, it would appear Osages living outside of Oklahoma decided the Primary Election. The voter data from the Nation’s first Primary Election is not ready, according to the ON Election Office, but the Osage News analyzed the voter data from the 2012 General Election.

From the list obtained by the election office, which doesn’t include 215 voters who participated in the voter privacy program, there were 1,040 in-person voters and 869 absentee voters for a total of 1,909 votes on the list.

Analyzing the in-person vote (1,040) by state, Oklahoma came out on top with 953 in-person votes, next was Kansas with 24. Osages from 16 states voted in-person in 2012.

Analyzing the in-person voter list by town, Osages from 62 towns in Oklahoma traveled to vote on Election Day in 2012. The towns with 10 or more votes on the list were:

Pawhuska          386
Hominy             126
Fairfax               96
Skiatook            63
Tulsa                  56
Bartlesville        51
Ponca City         26
Barnsdall           12
Oklahoma City  11

The nine towns above, including the three traditional Osage districts, counted for more than half the in-person vote for a total of 827 votes. More than 44 towns had less than five votes, with 26 of those towns having only one vote.

Absentee voters

The states with more than 20 absentee votes are listed below:

Oklahoma          331
California           137
Texas                  91
Kansas                31
Oregon               27
Colorado            26
Missouri            25
Arizona              22
New Mexico      19
Florida               17
Arkansas            15
Washington       14
Georgia              10

The 13 states above, including Oklahoma, made up the majority of the absentee voters for the 2012 general election with 765 votes. There were eight states with less than 10 votes, 20 states with less than five votes with eight of those states having only one vote.

Total number of Oklahoma voters for the 2012 General Election was 1,284, more than half of the total vote of 1,909. Total vote coming from out of state was 625. 

To see more photos of the March 10 Primary Election activities, visit the Osage News Flickr site at:www.flickr.com/photos/osagenews/sets/72157642547998135/