Melvin Core announces his candidacy for the Third Osage Minerals Council

I, Melvin Core, a current member of the Osage Minerals Council, respectfully request your support as I seek re-election. I’m most confident that together we can continue to make a difference in moving the Osage Nation forward.

I am a well qualified and knowledgeable candidate. My thirty-plus years work experience in the Minerals section of the Osage Agency, along with the past three and a half years serving as a member of your Minerals Council, affirms my confidence that I am well able to make qualified suggestions and decisions on behalf of our great people. I value my Osage ancestry and the rich heritage of the Osage Tribe. I am committed to standing up for and protecting the best interest of the Osage shareholders and the Osage people.

My independent thinking and careful consideration of proposed policies affecting our tribal interests is exemplified by my stand on withholding approval of the proposed changes in updating the Code of Federal Regulations until all parties could have an input; including the Osage Minerals Council. It is important to me that all shareholders remain equipped with knowledge and information about issues that will directly impact them.

Oil and gas exploration and production has greatly benefited our people and has played a huge role in shaping our past, present and future. It is my desire to champion a positive relationship with both large and small companies as they continue to discover and develop the mineral resources of the Osage Nation.

It is requested that you consider my opinion that voting for members of the Osage Minerals Council has reverted back to Section 9 of the Allotment Act that states that each eligible Osage voter who has an interest in the Osage Minerals Estate will have one, and only one, full vote.

Due to your support in the last election, I have been honored to serve as a member of the Osage Minerals Council, working for your best interest. I would be most grateful for the opportunity to continue in that effort and respectfully request your vote in my re-election endeavor. Thank you.


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