James Norris announces his candidacy for the Fourth Osage Nation Congress

Dear Osage Voter, I am James Norris a Vietnam veteran with over 28 years of experience in healthcare management.  It gives me great pleasure to announce my candidacy for the Osage Nation Congress.  It has been my desire since retirement from government and active duty to become involved in our new Osage government and to represent and serve the Osage people.

My grandfather is John Wagoshe and my grandmother is Agnes Straight Bigheart Wagoshe.  I am a shareholder and reside in Fairfax on restricted Osage property.  My family and I participate in the I'n-Lon-Schka and for many years I have been honored to have a position on the Pawhuska Drum Keepers committee, Wa Xa Ko Li^ District.

My vision is to have a united Osage Nation government, minerals council, and people. I believe the success of the Osage people will depend on the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of our government working together while maintaining open and constructive lines of communication.

The twelve years leading up to my retirement was spent as the Chief Executive Officer for the Pawnee Service Unit, Oklahoma Area Indian Health Services.  I provided planning, leadership, and direction over a $15 million dollar comprehensive healthcare delivery program in north central Oklahoma.  In addition to managing direct care programs, I administered a $7.4 million contract health services program.

In early 2001, I was designated the senior team member responsible for the planning, design, staffing, and construction of a new $14 million dollar health center.  I was responsible for managing and administering over 140 new employees and professional staff.  I established and maintained cooperative relationships with civil and governmental groups and organizations for the purpose of promoting and understanding Indian Health Service and how it relates to all in the area served. I secured cooperation in projects and programs that were of mutual benefit and interest to others while avoiding duplication of services.

I initiated program improvements and modifications to meet the changing needs of the Indian people while still achieving the set goals and objectives and making the best possible use of available funds and resources.

I have proven leadership skills, the experience, and education to bring accountability and transparency to government.  I have many years of experience in collecting and analyzing data required in planning and evaluating programs.  I have implemented planning and evaluation methods, compiled statistical information necessary to determine staffing and budgetary requirements for funding and construction.  I have the courage and fortitude to make hard decisions and stand my ground in the face of adversity.

If elected I will not let you down, please vote for me on June 2nd.

Thank you.


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