Rick Luttrell announces his candidacy for the Fourth Osage Nation Congress

My name is Richard (Rick) Luttrell, Jr., and I am announcing my candidacy for Congress.  I am the son of Richard and Carm Luttrell and the grandson of original allotee #60, Nettie White Luttrell. I am from the Hominy District and a member of the Sun Carrier clan. 

My desire to be of service to the Osage Nation leads me to offer my skills in critical thinking, planning, execution of  plans, organization, measuring results, and services in listening, communicating and cooperating. My business experience includes being self-employed in construction, media and real estate. These are my practical everyday ways of serving. In our cultural estate, I am continuing my service as one of the two drum warmers for the Hominy District.

 I see that we are facing a very pivotal time in our history. Recent events in our government have caused dissatisfaction among our people, and it is our inherent right to have opinions. This right has existed with the Osage people since our beginning and will continue in this manner. Even so, the situation clearly indicates that it is a time for HEALING and CHANGE.

I am thankful for an opportunity to continue listening to our people; and I hear the call for more economic development for better education, career development, senior services and social services. I’m on it!

 As your congressman, I’ll work for opening up communications between our people and our government.

As your congressman, I’ll cooperate with members of congress to legislate effective laws that will protect,  promote growth, and will open more doors to the future.

We all have a great vision for our future. I ask for your vote to allow me to work with you and make that vision a reality. I can be reached at . Look for me on Facebook at Rick Luttrell for Osage Congress and vote #7 Rick Luttrell on your ballot June 2nd, 2014.


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