Osage Congress to meet for Hun-Kah Session starting March 30

On March 30, the Fourth Osage Nation Congress will convene for its 2015 Hun-Kah Session at the ON Congressional Chambers in Pawhuska.

This is the first 24-day spring session for the legislative body following the 2014 Osage election and the 12-member Congress will meet to consider legislative matters brought for its review and consideration including legislative bills and resolutions, budget adjustments and confirmation of appointed Osage Nation officials.   

According to the ON Congressional Office, the regular session is scheduled to begin March 30 and will end April 27 but could extend to April 30 if Congress votes to extend the session up to three additional business days as allowed by the ON Constitution.

No legislative bills and resolutions, which will be up for consideration during session, were filed when the March edition of the Osage News went to press.

Also during the Hun-Kah Session, the Congress will consider appointments to ON boards and commissions. According to Article VII of the Osage Constitution, the Principal Chief is charged with appointing board and commission members whose election or appointment is not provided in the Constitution or by law. Regarding confirmation, the Constitution states: “Failure of the Osage Nation Congress to confirm the appointment, prior to the end of the session, shall constitute rejection.”

The Congress will also receive the annual report from the Osage Nation Limited Liability Company Board regarding the LLC as it has during prior Hun-Kah Sessions.

ON Congressional committees will meet as needed throughout the session to initially consider bills, resolutions and other matters brought to the legislative branch’s attention.

At the session’s end, the Congress will hold its officer elections for Speaker, Second Speaker and Congressional committee members and officers. According to Congressional rules, the officer elections “shall occur at the conclusion of each Hun-Kah Session during odd-numbered years” in addition to officer elections at the first session meeting following Congressional elections in even-numbered years.

For more information and session and committee meeting notices, visit the Congressional website at: