ON Congress approves four items during 12th special session

After two days of debate and consideration, the Fourth Osage Nation Congress passed four legislative items during the 12th special session.

On Feb. 24, the Congress voted 11-0 to pass three items with one absence from Congresswoman Shannon Edwards. Those items passing with unanimous votes are:

- ONCA 15-76: An amended ON election code (sponsored by Congressman James Norris) which includes changes proposed by the Election Board as well as other amendments made by the Congressional governmental operations committee.

- ONCA 16-25: An act to provide a supplemental appropriation to the ON governmental operations division for $111,097. Congressman William “Kugee” Supernaw, the bill sponsor, said the requested funding is “to take care of closing costs associated with the purchase of the Turner (Bluestem) Ranch.”

- ONCR 15-19: A resolution (Norris) to approve the ON election rules and regulations governing elections in accordance with the election code.

The Congress also voted 10-1 to pass resolution ONCR 16-13 (sponsored by Congressman RJ Walker), which seeks to ratify and affirm the Congressional actions taken in the 11th special session held earlier in the month. 

Congressional Speaker Maria Whitehorn voted “no,” stating she believed the Congress followed its processes properly when they met in the emergency special session starting Feb. 5.

During that special session, the Congress passed a sovereign immunity waiver for the purchase agreement for Bluestem Ranch. Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear called for the emergency special session seeking the sovereign immunity waiver for the purchase agreement, which was signed the following week.

All four items will be presented to Standing Bear’s office for his review and signature.

The Congress will next meet for the 24-day Hun-Kah Session starting March 28.